Sacred Rock Wraps

Crowned Hei Matau Lashing - XXL, Zen Rock Wrap, Meditation Stone, Kelp Fiber Wrapped Rock


  • Details
    Piece: "Crowned Hei Matau Lashing” (Rock Wrap)
    Symbolizes: Strength, Good Luck, & Safe Travel
    Size: 17.5 cm (height), 12.5 cm (width), & 8 cm (depth)

    A kelp fiber rock wrap designed and created by J.D. Lenzen. Both kelp fibers and stone collected along the Northern California Coast. The kelp utilized for the piece was prepared over the course of weeks, through a process of wetting, stretching, and drying, until the associated fibers achieved the thickness, pliability, and color desired. Following completion of the rock wrap, the piece was tightened as it dried. The fibers associated with the final piece are locked tight around the stone and have the appearance and consistency of medium and dark aged wood.